These conditions are agreed on one side by Vincent Sheppard NV, BE 0456.646.801, with offices at 8587 Spiere, Industrie Park Ijzeren Bareel 5, Belgium and on the other by anyone who wishes to carry out a purchase via the website of Vincent Sheppard NV: hereinafter called "the Purchaser".
These conditions are exclusively for the buyer. The buyer, who wishes to carry out a purchase on the site, confirms by doing so to be authorized to act. Anyone under Article 1123 and who has been declared by the Civil Code to be incompetent, should under no circumstances make purchases on the site. Consulting the website and the services that are offered are the responsibility of the legal representative. This legal representative must comply with these conditions. Concerning the input of personal data, the legal representative has to fill in the registration form him/herself in any case or grant authorization to the one who is declared incompetent to fill in the aforementioned document, provided that the data concerning personal information stated in article 9 are in full continue in effect .

The Parties agree that the mutual legal relationship is solely governed by the present contract, with exemption of all the earlier mentioned conditions on the website. The electronic evidence (eg e-mail, backups, …) is accepted by all parties within the framework of the sales contracts and relationships. If a rule is missing, the customs of the sector will be applied of "distance selling" taken into effect by companies with headquarters in Belgium.

Article 1. Sales Agreement
The sales agreement is concluded between Vincent Sheppard NV and the client of age the moment the order confirmation appears on the screen of the client. Anyone who places an order with Vincent Sheppard NV, agrees to these terms and conditions.
Article 2. Orders

The buyer has the option to order online, every order implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale, as well as the prices and description of the products offered for sale.
Article 3. Pricing and product information
All prices are in Euro, including VAT, excluding shipping. All prices are per piece unless indicated otherwise. Shipping costs are clearly indicated separately. When placing an order, the price mentioned at the given moment of the purchase always counts. Vincent Sheppard NV reserves the right to change product prices, and to alter or correct product information.

Vincent Sheppard NV tries to publish both product descriptions and photos as clearly as possible. Specific product information (dimensions, weights, materials, ...) always concerns indicative information. The colours in the picture may differ slightly from actual colors. If desired, you can always get additional explanations about our offerings (
Article 4. Payment
When placing an order, payments are made by Pay-pal.

In case you would like to use your own secured pay-pal account, please use the instructions of your account.

As soon as Vincent Sheppard NV has received your payment, your order will be shipped to you as soon as possible - usually within one business day. If you have placed special orders, delivery time is longer. Vincent Sheppard NV has the right to refuse the order, Including due to a (partial) failure to pay a previous debt.

Article 5. Complaints and exchange / return items purchased
5.1. Returns
In case an item does not cut it for you, you have the option to return the article to us within ten working days after reception of the order. You should mention this in writing (by mail: The article is undamaged, unused and packed in the original packaging and the package has adequate postage. You also add the delivery notification with a statement of the reason for returning the order.
The processing and payment costs remain, even at full return of your order.
Items that are returned to us under the conditions described above within ten working days will be refunded by us. Shipping costs made by Vincent Sheppard NV or the buyer, will not be refunded.
All our products are inspected before shipment, and packed in an adequate package. The Buyer should immediately inspect the order upon delivery. Never accept packages that are damaged during transport! If unfortunately you do detect damages, you need to inform us immediately about it. Keep the packaging and take - if possible - a photograph of the damaged item / package. Damaged Goods will be replaced without extra charges.
- Damaged, soiled or used items cannot be returned.
- In case of excessive returns Vincent Sheppard NV reserves the right to refuse new orders.
- Items purchased during the sales period or that are part of a reduction action cannot be returned.

5.2. Complaints
If you have - despite our best care and attention – any complaints: Feel free to mail them to . Each complaint is handled and together we will try to find a solution.
Article 6. Privacy
All - by Vincent Sheppard NV - received and collected personal data are intended for internal use only by Vincent Sheppard NV. Under the Act of 8 December 1992 for the protection of privacy concerning personal data, you have the right at any moment to view, modify and remove this information if you no longer wish to receive information about our activities. If you want your information removed from our database, simply send us an e-mail with a clear indication of your data.

Article 7. Liability
Vincent Sheppard NV cannot be held liable for inconveniences or damages suffered by the use of the Internet, in particular by a failure of the system, the intrusion of outsiders or a virus; or by whichever fact that can be considered to be a circumstance beyond our control.
The Buyer agrees that the elements / features / graphic charters on the website can evolve. Certain functions can therefore be removed and / or added. Vincent Sheppard NV has the right - at any time and for any reason - to change the website without having to inform the buyer in advance.
Vincent Sheppard NV cannot be held responsible for damages caused by changes or temporary interruptions on the website. Vincent Sheppard NV is not liable if the delivery time is exceeded due to delays by the postal service or transportation. The Buyer is aware of the transportation risks and if the Buyer has any questions, he/she should contact the postal service or carrier.

Item 8. Renunciation
As a buyer you have the right to tell us that you renounce your purchase (statutory provisions relating to distance selling, included in the Act of July 14, 1991), without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery. If you want to rely on this option, you can return the goods at your own risk and expense to Vincent Sheppard NV, Industriepark Ijzeren Bareel 5, B-8587 Spiere, Belgium.

Article 9. Property
Vincent Sheppard NV remains the sole owner of a sold article until the payment of the full amount has been completed
Article 10. Intellectual Property
The information, logos, graphics, designs, slogans, graphic charters and general content you can find on the website are protected by the law of intellectual and / or industrial property.

Except if expressly permitted by Vincent Sheppard NV, the consumer has no right to use elements on the site to modify, copy, rent, lease, sell, distribute or produce similar.

Article 11. Duration
These conditions apply as long as the services of Vincent Sheppard NV are provided online.
Article 12. Governing Law
These terms are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.