Touch-up & Glides


A touch-up is a small bottle that contains one-component water based paint and a small brush (comparable to a bottle of nail varnish). It is used to touch-up paint damage on the loom.

Beware: there will always be colour differences. This means you can only touch up small damages invisibly. Large touched up damages will always be visible.

How to use a touch-up bottle?

Clean the surface that has to be treated with a damp cloth to make it dust-free. Shake the bottle firmly and apply a layer of paint with the small brush on the damaged area. Never apply a thick layer. If one layer is not sufficient, a second layer may be applied. Always let the paint dry out (about 30 minutes) before applying a second layer or before touching.

How can I determine the right colour for my furniture?

If you still can get hold of your furniture invoice, please check it for the colour description or the colour code P0xx. This code stands for a unique Vincent Sheppard colour that you will also find on the touch up bottle.
If you don’t have that info, you best compare with the colour sample pictures on this site. Please do take into account that these pictures are only indicative and that what you get to see highly depends on your screen settings. Please do always try out the touch up on the bottom of the chair if you are not sure about the colour.
Ordered touch ups will not be taken back.


A glide is a plastic or felt stopper that is attached to the bottom of the legs of the chairs.

What type of glide should I choose?

The type of glide depends on the type of chair and the type of floor covering. For wooden floors and very sensitive stone floors we recommend you to use felt gliders.

Overview indoor glides
Overview outdoor glides

How to exchange glides?

The glides are fixed with PZ screws 4,0x50. These screws are included in the package of glides and can be screwed in and out several times. However, if they lose grip, you should use longer screws.
If you wish to fix glides on chairs with wooden legs, that do not have glides yet, you should pre-drill a small hole to prevent the wood from cleaving.


Please contact us should you have any additional questions